Friday, May 21, 2010

... and that's a guilty pleasure.

Shoes. Every girls best friend right? Oh yes. In my case I would even go so far as to say that they are not only my best friend, but also my arch nemesis. Why? Because shoes cost money. 
Some of my favourites.

The elusive money. Every girl needs it and every girl doesn't have enough to satisfy all her general living expenses, and her shoe love. This is where Ebay comes in handy. I have been shoe shopping on Ebay, and in the last two days I have been outbid at the last second on two things, and outbid in regards to price range on three things. Now... when shoe shopping on Ebay I have discovered that lots of women are also doing the same thing, meaning anything remotely trendy is in high demand. This also means that anything remotely cheap will explode in price in the last few hours of sale because women believe they are getting some kind of bargain because it's on Ebay. Let me be the first to tell you... you are not getting a bargain. Maybe this is all attributed to the type of shoes I have been looking at, namely Vintage Pixie boots, also commonly referred to as Grunge pixie boots, Oxford boots, Lace up vintage boots or any combination of these. I stumbled across this style, I in fact didn't know they existed until my Ebay travels, but apparently they were very popular in the 80s and early 90s. They come in a range of styles (the combat grunge, the pixie Victorian tooled heel, flat ankle length, heeled lace up to below the knee, and flat lace up of many various kinds) and many different colours, the most popular of which is black or brown. When I said to my mum that I was bidding on Vintage Pixie boots, she immediately knew what I meant, so obviously this knowledge wasn't handed down in my family as well as it may have been in others. Needless to say, a sudden obsession with this kind of boot had be trawling Ebay at all hours, and coming up empty handed. Am I the only one that thinks bidding for a second hand pair of boots that gets up to around $150 plus postage is a little bit ridiculous? Because honestly, I could buy a brand new pair of boots for less and walk them home, forfeiting any postage that might be needed. What is the bizzare fixation on "getting a bargain"? When really you are paying for someone else's shoes to be shipped to you, in the hope that they will fit, and aren't covered in someone else's toe jam. What's the big deal?

Thinking I could outsmart the Ebay obsession-ists, I went shopping. I don't really follow fashions closely, so I had no idea if I was going to be able to find what I was looking for, or even find anything at all (I do reside in Perth shopping blackhole of Australia). First shop I walk into, and there they are. Shining black, pixie boots. They are calling to me from the shelf, and I seem to zero in on them like I have a radar tuned in to just them. They are beautiful. Flat (essential for my wardrobe). Black (also apparently an essential for my wardrobe). Lace up. Fold over cuffs. Apparently they are back in fashion. The store is full of what looks like modern versions of all the boots I have seen on Ebay. All reasonably priced for boots, and all new. No one else's toe jam in sight. I can't afford them because as mentioned above I would probably have to sacrifice some kind of general living need in order to get them. But they call sweetly at me from their perch, and suddenly they are in my hand. The display pair are my size, so why not just try them on? Now they are on my feet. Yes. My reaction to these boots is exactly as expected. Love. Not only do I now want these boots, I NEED these boots.

To survive.

Meet my new boots.

Cuffs up. 

I'll eat next week.

E x

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