Tuesday, May 4, 2010

... and that's me.

So, new to blogging but feeling a quaint affinity with pouring my soul out onto the internet. Maybe I can do it here instead of my Facebook status?
I'd like to world to know twenty-one things about me. You know, to get you in the mood for reading what I might have to say tomorrow.

  1. I am short, curvy and never the same. 
  2. I have less than 21 fingers and toes. 
  3. words to describe me would be Mischievous, Curious and Warm.
  4. I am currently living in Perth, but Brisbane will always be my home. 
  5. My house mate locked himself out of the house twice last night. 
  6. I have a cat called Nora. 
  7. I have plenty of friends at home, not so many in Perth. 
  8. I am looking forward to my second teaching prac. 
  9. I don't know how to use iTunes, or how to download music. 
  10. Because of number 9, I own CDs. 
  11. I drive a Holden Astra - Gold. 
  12. I have two assignments due next week. 
  13. I enjoy the beach, but I hate summer. 
  14. I have a cow named Frank. 
  15. I hope to one day live in San Francisco and Croatia. 
  16. I didn't like Paris. 
  17. My pencil case is German. 
  18. My laptops name is Delilah. 
  19. I love my boyfriend. 
  20. I will say "I know right" as both an exclamation and a question. 
  21. My teaching philosophy is to be "an instrument of inspiration while facilitating the sharing of knowledge".
So far I like blogging, although I don't really have anything to compare it too. It's a little like Myspace, but without the wank, and a little like Facebook but without the Farmville, and a little like Twitter but without the RT @so-and-so. It's also where I feel I can say what I want. If you are expecting some witty remarks, go elsewhere. This is where I will be me. Yeah? 

E x

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