Tuesday, December 14, 2010

... and that's just about the lowest point

I'm poor.

I don't mean the "No I wont pay for lunch today because I will have to buy spastic amounts of alcohol this weekend, and want to have plenty of spare cash in case of taxi and midnight feast need, I'll eat Mi-Goreng instead, but I will purchase that apparently essential accessory just in case I might wear it" kind of poor.

I mean the "No, I wont drive the car today because I can't afford petrol, but I will walk most of the way there, Public Transport is just so expensive these days, I'll just order water - from the tap - at lunch today because I don't want to be seen not participating in life, I'm calling you from the home phone, shit I ran out of shampoo I'll have to use the bar of soap instead for a while, fuck I can't pay rent" type of poor.

I have just finished my final year of university for the foreseeable future (those of you that know me, know that this is some kind of epic statement), and I am about to embark on the first year of my career (again, mammoth statement) and I am literally pinching pennies. Honestly, I found two dollars on the ground yesterday, and skipped my way to the bus station.

I am quite shaken by my new economic status, and while I am home in Brisbane for a holiday it is not a nice situation to find myself in. At the end of the stay I am half expecting to have my parents hand me a bill, that will tumble down the stairs in front of me it is so long. On that bill will be things like laundry, room rates, mini bar costs and my dignity.

I'm not keen for Christmas, that's for sure. Getting presents you love, but giving presents you could only just afford is not a winning combination.

But hey.... at least I do have a roof over my head.