Friday, May 21, 2010

... and that's a guilty pleasure.

Shoes. Every girls best friend right? Oh yes. In my case I would even go so far as to say that they are not only my best friend, but also my arch nemesis. Why? Because shoes cost money. 
Some of my favourites.

The elusive money. Every girl needs it and every girl doesn't have enough to satisfy all her general living expenses, and her shoe love. This is where Ebay comes in handy. I have been shoe shopping on Ebay, and in the last two days I have been outbid at the last second on two things, and outbid in regards to price range on three things. Now... when shoe shopping on Ebay I have discovered that lots of women are also doing the same thing, meaning anything remotely trendy is in high demand. This also means that anything remotely cheap will explode in price in the last few hours of sale because women believe they are getting some kind of bargain because it's on Ebay. Let me be the first to tell you... you are not getting a bargain. Maybe this is all attributed to the type of shoes I have been looking at, namely Vintage Pixie boots, also commonly referred to as Grunge pixie boots, Oxford boots, Lace up vintage boots or any combination of these. I stumbled across this style, I in fact didn't know they existed until my Ebay travels, but apparently they were very popular in the 80s and early 90s. They come in a range of styles (the combat grunge, the pixie Victorian tooled heel, flat ankle length, heeled lace up to below the knee, and flat lace up of many various kinds) and many different colours, the most popular of which is black or brown. When I said to my mum that I was bidding on Vintage Pixie boots, she immediately knew what I meant, so obviously this knowledge wasn't handed down in my family as well as it may have been in others. Needless to say, a sudden obsession with this kind of boot had be trawling Ebay at all hours, and coming up empty handed. Am I the only one that thinks bidding for a second hand pair of boots that gets up to around $150 plus postage is a little bit ridiculous? Because honestly, I could buy a brand new pair of boots for less and walk them home, forfeiting any postage that might be needed. What is the bizzare fixation on "getting a bargain"? When really you are paying for someone else's shoes to be shipped to you, in the hope that they will fit, and aren't covered in someone else's toe jam. What's the big deal?

Thinking I could outsmart the Ebay obsession-ists, I went shopping. I don't really follow fashions closely, so I had no idea if I was going to be able to find what I was looking for, or even find anything at all (I do reside in Perth shopping blackhole of Australia). First shop I walk into, and there they are. Shining black, pixie boots. They are calling to me from the shelf, and I seem to zero in on them like I have a radar tuned in to just them. They are beautiful. Flat (essential for my wardrobe). Black (also apparently an essential for my wardrobe). Lace up. Fold over cuffs. Apparently they are back in fashion. The store is full of what looks like modern versions of all the boots I have seen on Ebay. All reasonably priced for boots, and all new. No one else's toe jam in sight. I can't afford them because as mentioned above I would probably have to sacrifice some kind of general living need in order to get them. But they call sweetly at me from their perch, and suddenly they are in my hand. The display pair are my size, so why not just try them on? Now they are on my feet. Yes. My reaction to these boots is exactly as expected. Love. Not only do I now want these boots, I NEED these boots.

To survive.

Meet my new boots.

Cuffs up. 

I'll eat next week.

E x

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

... and that's a job for you!

Ok, here they are! Some very poorly framed photos of me in my Captain Starlight uniform. That's right... I wear this to work. Honestly... it's the best ever! I watch movies, and play games, and on Saturday we had a sing along. You think you love your job? Wait until you get to dress up and be crazy and watch kids faces light up. It's my favourite. 
So this is the standard uniform. Complete with cuffs, silver belt and Captain's hat and silver lurex tights. The only part of the uniform I am missing is the boot covers. They are these gross silver zip up moments that make you look and feel like you are wearing space boots. But also an excellent part of the uniform. Oh and I am missing the cape. Silver with purple lining and must be worn when doing ward rounds.
This photo is me with part of the optional uniform. Apparently no one wears this beautiful yellow tunic, and to be honest I am not really sure why. I loves it! I am going to make it my thing, that and the short pigtails. Everyone has a "thing" so that the kids can tell as all apart. We all wear the same things and are all called Captain Starlight, so naturally a "thing" will make us easier to tell apart. 
I love my job. 
 Em x

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

... and that's fairly impressive.

This week I have successfully managed to do a few things well. Assignments aside, I managed to make fabulous Rice pudding, a pretty posy of flowers for our kitchen table and (what I am most impressed about) I put together three outfits I am very proud of. Yes I know it's only Wednesday, but more often than not in my week I might only get one outfit right, if I'm lucky. So I am feeling pretty chuffed.

Below are some not very well framed photos of my outfits. (The perils of not having someone to take your photo, and no tripod.)

Outfit One: Monday - Uni and out for dinner. 
Forever New crisp white button up, 3/4 sleeve tunic top
Mak grey cable knit circle cardigan (Modcloth)
Miscellaneous blue jeans
Melissa black plastic flats (That smell like bubblegum)

Outfit Two: Tuesday - Uni and casual hanging around
Pink and black vintage 80s dress - no label
Black H&M 3/4 sleeve scoop neck top (worn under dress)
Black Cotton on cardigan
Black stirrup tights - Woolworths
Black sparkly flats - Payless.

Outfit Three: Tuesday night - dinner at the pub with friends
Jungle theme long sleeve dress - Sportsgirl (worn backwards)
Moon Collection burgundy tweed swing jacket (Modcloth)
Scarf from Eqypt
Black stirrup tights - Woolworths
Black sparkly flats - Payless

Needless to say I am quite happy with these outfits. I'm honestly not sure why I feel that I got them right, any more than what I normally would, but there you go. Maybe it's because I haven't worn the main pieces of these outfits yet (the shirt and two dresses) but have been starring at them in my wardrobe for weeks. Maybe during those weeks I dreamt the fabulous outfits, or maybe it was just days of trying them on and taking them off again, the trial and error of getting them right. I'm not sure. All I know is I am having a good week and have discovered a few new outfits that I will no doubt wear until I get sick of them and find more.

Em x

Friday, May 7, 2010

... and that's the exciting part.

Day: Friday
Special Because: It's Starlight Day!
Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35. 
Outfit: Purple Love Tree tunic top, grey and white Honey Punch twisted scarf (Love Tree and Honey Punch both Modcloth), miscellaneous blue jeans, brown strappy sandals from a market in Spain. Starlight Foundation badge.
Listening to: Regina Spektor
Mood: Lazy, excited and restless. 

Today is new camera day. I have finished one of the two assignments due next week, and am part way through the other. Lucky for me really, because I have been playing with the camera all day!
I am still learning. But what amazes me is the quality of the photos before I have even fiddled with them. I did some experimenting with colour, and so far that is my favourite setting on the camera.

Here are some of the photos I took today.

My Wardrobe. 

I do like colour. 

Should have cleaned my mirror first!

So that's a small snap shot of my day, all of these are straight off the camera, even the black and white-ish one. No photo shopping done. That will be my next adventure once I work out all the technology. 

E x

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

... and that's this weeks dilemma.

You ready...?

So this week I am not only struggling to put together two massive (I'm talking obese) assignments, while also trying to remain sane. I am also facing a big decision to make regarding my next semester of work. Yes I have enrolled and yes I am studying next semester, but I have been given an opportunity to opt out on ALL the assessment for one subject and do something else. More on that later.

My week started with my credit card being declined. Twice. I was trying to purchase a camera so that you lovely folk can see what it is I get up to. I've not had a camera since February sometime. For those that know me, you know how hard it has been for me. It's been hell not being able to document my first year living out of Brisbane. But I just received an email saying that my order has been dispatched... apparently it worked after I told them to just keep trying. Camera... on it's way!! Woot.

Then my week progressed into the slow and self-deprecating phase of assignment doom. Yes that's right, I've eaten some kind of junk food everyday this week, and despite my best efforts can still not seem to study after 6pm. My assignments are for English and for Classroom Management. English is the assignment made of death. It is a lesson plan (comprising 4-5 lessons) that I would use to teach year 8s about how to write a short story. I have already done the how-to-read assignment. Death. It is pure death. Not only do I have to make sure that everything I would need for the lessons (handouts, worksheets, resources of any kind) are attached, I also have to create an assessment piece based on the WA curriculum and write a marking key for it. I am still struggling with the WA curriculum, they work on levels. So if a student is in year 8 they should technically be working at a level 3. But if they aren't you need to tailor your teaching towards a lower/higher level. Confusing right?
Classroom Management on the other hand is fun and interesting to do as I have to form my personal philosophy, and how I would put it into practice. But apparently people at ECU don't do their assignments last minute, and any book I would ever find useful is out. Also ECU library is about the size of the Indooroopilly state library, for anyone who knows. Helpful. Kill me now.

On some kind of positive note, I start my new job this week. I will from now on be known as Captain Starlight. But don't tell the kids who I am. I am excited, and as soon as I have my uniform (and camera) I will post amazing photos!

On top of all these things is this decision. Maybe it wont seem that big to you, but it does to me. I have been given an opportunity to assistant direct The Cherry Orchard (the Mamet translation) for the Drama department at uni (Not WAAPA). I would be working with my Drama lecturer, whom I am not particularly fond of for various reasons. It would start just before the July  holidays while I am on prac and the performance is then in October, also while I am on prac. The upside of this offer is that if I do take it on, I will be assessed on my work with the show, and will not have to do any of the assessment for Drama for semester two. The downside is the time commitment that I would need to put in. I will have to do some work on it while I am on prac, not too much though. I will however have to work it in around working and assignment doom of second semester. This is a tough decision for me, as my creative bones are aching to be used while my academic bones are being overused. What do you think?

It seems I have blabbed about my pathetic little life for long enough now.

Thanks for listening.

E x

... and that's me.

So, new to blogging but feeling a quaint affinity with pouring my soul out onto the internet. Maybe I can do it here instead of my Facebook status?
I'd like to world to know twenty-one things about me. You know, to get you in the mood for reading what I might have to say tomorrow.

  1. I am short, curvy and never the same. 
  2. I have less than 21 fingers and toes. 
  3. words to describe me would be Mischievous, Curious and Warm.
  4. I am currently living in Perth, but Brisbane will always be my home. 
  5. My house mate locked himself out of the house twice last night. 
  6. I have a cat called Nora. 
  7. I have plenty of friends at home, not so many in Perth. 
  8. I am looking forward to my second teaching prac. 
  9. I don't know how to use iTunes, or how to download music. 
  10. Because of number 9, I own CDs. 
  11. I drive a Holden Astra - Gold. 
  12. I have two assignments due next week. 
  13. I enjoy the beach, but I hate summer. 
  14. I have a cow named Frank. 
  15. I hope to one day live in San Francisco and Croatia. 
  16. I didn't like Paris. 
  17. My pencil case is German. 
  18. My laptops name is Delilah. 
  19. I love my boyfriend. 
  20. I will say "I know right" as both an exclamation and a question. 
  21. My teaching philosophy is to be "an instrument of inspiration while facilitating the sharing of knowledge".
So far I like blogging, although I don't really have anything to compare it too. It's a little like Myspace, but without the wank, and a little like Facebook but without the Farmville, and a little like Twitter but without the RT @so-and-so. It's also where I feel I can say what I want. If you are expecting some witty remarks, go elsewhere. This is where I will be me. Yeah? 

E x