Wednesday, May 19, 2010

... and that's a job for you!

Ok, here they are! Some very poorly framed photos of me in my Captain Starlight uniform. That's right... I wear this to work. Honestly... it's the best ever! I watch movies, and play games, and on Saturday we had a sing along. You think you love your job? Wait until you get to dress up and be crazy and watch kids faces light up. It's my favourite. 
So this is the standard uniform. Complete with cuffs, silver belt and Captain's hat and silver lurex tights. The only part of the uniform I am missing is the boot covers. They are these gross silver zip up moments that make you look and feel like you are wearing space boots. But also an excellent part of the uniform. Oh and I am missing the cape. Silver with purple lining and must be worn when doing ward rounds.
This photo is me with part of the optional uniform. Apparently no one wears this beautiful yellow tunic, and to be honest I am not really sure why. I loves it! I am going to make it my thing, that and the short pigtails. Everyone has a "thing" so that the kids can tell as all apart. We all wear the same things and are all called Captain Starlight, so naturally a "thing" will make us easier to tell apart. 
I love my job. 
 Em x

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