Monday, October 17, 2011

Frocktober: Week Two-ish

Hey there folks who read my blog! There is not many of you, but you are an excellent breed.

Well, it is over half way through Frocktober and the dresses and outfits are slowly depleting in my wardrobe. I am still enjoying creating new outfits for each dress/skirt. I have had quite a few excellent outfits, and on most days the outfits number two or even three, but all are still dresses and skirts. Take Saturday for example. I was working as Captain Starlight at en event, so I dressed to get to the event and I wore my Captain skirt. But it was also the closing night of my show. So there is three outfits! I haven't been getting a photo of each outfit, just the best one from each day. Sometimes I am just throwing on a dress for decency purposes when going to the shop. Being not naked is good when in public, or so I am lead to believe.

Here is an overview of what I have been wearing!


This is my Captain Starlight costume. I wear this 3 - 4 times a week. It is in fact the best job ever. Do you have an awesome work uniform?

In my frocking travels I have discovered a few things about myself and my wardrobe:

  • I have a uniform of black tights, cardi and shoes that seems to accompany many bright dresses. I am definitely ok with this. It is comfortable, and you can't judge me. 
  • I own too many things from, and while I am ok with this, it is a very expensive obsession.
  • I own more op-shop/vintage clothing then I thought I did. This new found information actually excites me a lot, because I do not have a body shape that traditionally fits vintage clothing. Perth has been fabulous for vintage finds.
  • I really need to downsize on the unwanted items in my wardrobe. I love them all, but don't wear half of them, and they need to go.
  • I have re-discovered outfits and am excited about wearing them again.
  • I am struggling to get over the fact that I can't wear my favourites more than once this month. There are so many times when I just want to throw the old favourite on, but can't.
  • Dressing takes longer when you are not repeating. 
Anyways, I am still only sitting on $155.00 for my fundraising efforts. Ben has promised to donate some, if I wear an outfit of his choice, and I am still to donate myself. Please, please donate your spare change if you can. The more I find out about ovarian cancer, the more I need to help.

UPDATE: I am now at $205.00 thanks to a donation from Mum and Dad Adams. x

Love and frocks,

E x

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  1. Hey dear, definitely going to donate! Just waiting till I have a few more dollahs in the kitteh. xx