Thursday, October 6, 2011

Frocktober: Week one

Hi Everyone!

So October is through with it's first week, and I have had a ball. This week as been great. Ben has been on holidays, so we went vintage shopping and both picked up a few flash things, and found a whole bunch of things that we desperately want! Think marble based rotary telephone, suitcases to create a bookshelf/bedside table out of, endless expensive clothes, and masses of things we would put in "our house" should it ever exist.

I have had so much fun putting together outfits, and hopefully I can make it through October without a double up. I wasn't sure if I could but a quick count of my dresses/skirts and I discovered that I owned 30 skirts and dresses (three of which don't fit but I am keeping for the day that they do again). This does not include the skirt I wear as part of my Captain Starlight costume, and the skirt (my favourite) I am using as my costume for the show I am in. All things considered I think it is going to go well.

Here is a quick look at what I have worn so far.

I'd also like to be a bit proud of the fact the skirts in photos 1 and 6, as well as dress in photo 4 were all thrifted! Amazing. Well done me. If you want a closer look at any of the outfits, head on over to my Facebook page and the photo album Frocktober.

Outfits you can look forward to seeing this month:
- My Captain Starlight costume in full
- My Dympie costume from the show I am in
- This amazing blue retro dress. It fits me like a glove and I am saving it for closing night
- My cleaning ensemble, complete with 50s rag in hair
- Many many more dresses

My fund raising has been going well. That is to say, I am sitting on $155 of my $620 target. Which is amazing. I would like to thank my Mum for the $155. Please if you feel the impulse to donate to anything this month, help me out and donate. It will be going towards Ovarian Cancer Research, and the eventual discovery of an early detection test.

E x

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