Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Frocktober: The End

It's over.

I am almost pleased that I get to write about the end of my month of dresses. When I say almost pleased, the thing I am going to miss most about Frocktober are the self-indulgent photos everyday, discovering new and interesting ways to wear my clothes, the slightly more frequent op-shop visits and the sheer joy wearing a dress can bring. Things I am not going to miss about Frocktober? Well... to be honest, I think I have discovered that I not that creative a dresser. I would get so frustrated on those days when all I wanted to do was spend the whole day in house pants or pyjamas, and I would have to stand in front of my wardrobe and wonder what the least offensive dress/skirt outfit was for that non-dress day. They were the worst. Other days, it was absolute mayhem in my wardrobe, as I couldn't even decide which dress was the best! I will also not miss having to plan ahead for almost a month of events. If I knew I wanted to wear that dress for that event, it couldn't be worn beforehand. That was annoying.

I will admit that I did cheat a tiny bit. I never wore pants or anything like that, but I did take 2 photos on a few days. Days when I would be wearing a new outfit, and then have another new outfit for an event. They were 2 photo days, but I claimed the dresses for different days. I always wore a dress, but it meant I could repeat an outfit or two, without having to show you, dear reader. I am entirely proud of my efforts as a dress wearer, and this month I have added a few new op-shop finds to my wardrobe that I consider to be amazing finds for a size 14 lady such as myself.

These are a few of my favourite outfit from the month.

I always forget how much I love this dress. This was bought in Washington DC, so it has lovely memories too.

I like this dress because it is the only shift dress that I own, and it is different to most of my other dresses. I also love these shoes. Mustard heels should go with more things.

I haven't worn a T-shirt under a dress in a while, it used to be my uniform. This is my new favourite T-shirt.

This is my current favourite dress. I found it at a Vintage shop (also my new favourite shop in Perth - Bluebird Vintage), and it wasn't a million dollars. It fits like a dream, and has this fun tie that looks good undone like in the pic, or in a big bow.

Halloween at work. I had to put this up because a costume on a costume is so much win.

Readers, I would love it if you could donate. I am currently sitting on $280, just under half way to my pledge of $620. I am going to keep my page open for another month, and if you feel like donating please do. Don't forget that you are donating to help saving hundreds of live every year by finding an early detection test for Ovarian Cancer. You are donating to your ovaries.


E x

Ps: I didn't wear pants today. I might tomorrow. It's almost too hot for pants now!

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