Thursday, June 30, 2011

End of Financial Year Adventure.

For those that don't know, I was in hospital last weekend and am still recovering. This is what happened.

Last Friday I woke up with severe abdominal pain.
Rang Mum, phone call went like this:
Me: Morning. What side is the appendix on?
Mum: I think it's on the right side, why?
Me: Because I have pain on my right side. Do you think I should go to work?
(It gets hazy here, but the conclusion was that I would shower, eat and go to work. Surely that would make me feel better.)

After 3 ish hours of work, the decision was made by my Co-Captain Starlight's that I should go home. Walked to my car, nearly fell over cause of pain, and was worried about driving because I was in so much pain. Once home I called close to 15 GP's in the local area to see if I could get an appointment, but being Perth they had either gone home for the afternoon, or were not available till the following morning.

Rang Mum, phone call went like this:
Mum: How are you feeling?
Me: Arfh haynmgdlisd,knihds
Mum: That good huh?
Me: Thinking about going to hospital... Thoughts?
Mum: Get in a taxi now and go. Ring me when you get there.

I hopped into taxi mumbled the closest hospital I knew, and cried my way there. As I walked into the Emergency Department a big red sign flashed at me saying that the ED was streamlining, and people would be seen within 4 hours. I contemplated curling up in the corner to die. But I was seen by the Triage nurse within 20 minutes of getting there, and seen by the Hospital clerks after another 20 minutes. I was in the Emergency Department within 50 minutes of getting to the hospital.

I changed into my sexy open back gown (secretly put on two so that my arse wouldn't be hanging out). And then within another 10 minutes a Doc had poked me and told me it might be appendicitis. The following happened very quickly:
- Spontaneous tears
- Phone rings
- Blood pressure and pulse things attached (Doc said, "Wow your pulse is high"... You think!)
- Canular (thing in the arm) put in, and drip attached

The phone call went like this:
Mum: So what's happening?
Me: Arghs,,,, odyfjbdf;oidsuf Appendix... *sob* arghmksdkfuans dcfb;oeriuy;fdkfn fuck
Mum: I'm putting Dad on, I am going to book a flight over.
Me: You don't have to do that.
Mum: *Laughs* Yes I do!
Dad: Hi Em, your appendix huh?
Me: Dad, can't talk.... needle in my arm. Keep talking though.
Dad: How are you feeling?
Me: ......
Dad: Em?!
Dad: Oh sorry.

I spent around half an hour waiting in the ED, when I was told that I was going to have an Ultrasound. I was taken into the depths of the hospital, and given an Ultrasound. When your abdomen hurts as much as mine did, an Ultrasounds is the most painful thing in the world. They have to push so hard to get clear images. I thought I was going to explode.
Back in the ED, I began calling anyone to see if they could come hold my hand. Ben was up north, and I knew my housemate Althea was busy until 5.30pm. The messages I left on her phone descended in clarity and sanity by the hour. Finally got hold of Althea, and my knightess in shining armour said she was on her way, and would bring any essentials from my room. Dad also rang and told me Mum was on a plane, and my sister asked me if I had had the Green Whistle. I enjoyed this. Doctor came and saw me, poked and prodded and asked all the same questions that I was sure I had answered, and told me they were admitting me, and my room would be ready soon.

About 6.30ish, after only 3 and a half hours since getting to the hospital I was moved to my room. The next three days went like this.

Night One: No sleep, 3 litre drip bags. Peed a lot. Fasted.
Mum arrived, best thing ever.
Day Two: Doc poked me again, told me it was either a serious Urinary Tract Infection, or Appendicitis. Asked me the same questions again. Continued fasting. Now haven't eaten for 24 hours.
Mum's are the best aren't they?
Night Two: Potasium drip attached, they hurt like all buggery. Few hours sleep.
Mum not allowed to stay.
More antibiotics.
Beginning to think my pain is scared of the dark.
Day Three: Now haven't eaten for more than 48 hours.
Different Doc gives me more info, and tells me to eat something and if it gets better I can go home tomorrow.
Mum is again the best at all things...
I eat. (for a few hours)
Dave and Sian visit.
Night Three: Fasted again.
More drips. (I had a total of 8 litres pumped into my body, may as well have set up camp beside the toilet).
Feeling like home would be a better place to be.
Day Four: Doc invites team of 6 into my room, I welcome them, and Doc pokes me, and tells me to go home.
Thing in arm removed. (Plastic needle is fairly cool)
Moved to "Transit Lounge".

I was diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection in the tube between my bladder and my kidneys. This might sound harmless, and many people get Cystitis which is a mild form of this, but I can tell you it was the most painful thing I have experienced (worse than the ovarian cysts incident). I was told that if I hadn't come to the hospital I may have ended up with an infection in my kidneys. Pretty sure avoiding that was a good choice.

I am now home, trying to deal with the pain as well as an uncooperative digestive system. Turns out, being fasted for more than 60 hours creates havoc in your body. I haven't stomached any more than chicken and bread so far. Dairy was the worst choice. I am also struggling with the muscles in my abdomen, because for 4 days it was more comfortable for me to sleep/sit upright than lie flat. The muscles have shortened, and it is now tough for me to sleep properly, or sit in front of the TV/Computer for long.

I am fine, and enjoying having my Mum here, and Ben home.

I know this is a long and complicated blog, but if you take anything out of this I hope you will not underestimate anything your body is trying to tell you. Go to the Doc, but if in doubt go straight to the hospital. You will be in good hands if it is a minor thing, and if it is major you will be exactly where you need to be.

E x

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  1. Glad to hear you're back home and starting to recover. love! xx