Tuesday, June 7, 2011

... and that's blogging.


Apparently it's all the rage right now. I have various friends doing a blog a day for a month, and other friends doing a blog a week for a year. And then other crazier friends as well. And then here I am. It's not that I don't appreciate the constant things to read, I just can't work out how people find things to say.

Take the 30 Day Blog Challenge. (I dare you to take the 30 day BOG challenge). Who has enough interesting things to say that they can fill 30 blogs with stuff? The answer to that question is no one. No one can make themselves and their lives interesting enough for people to tune in everyday for a month. Unless you are doing a 30 day "I quit my job and I will now do something different everyday" blog challenge, I'm sorry, but your boring life will not keep me enthralled.

I'm not trying to offend those that have taken up this challenge, or anyone else that blogs. All I am trying to do is work it out. How do you have so many things to say? Do you know they are boring? Perhaps you should quit your job and do something interesting everyday for a month.

There are a few people who I think are successfully doing the blogging thing. My friend Lizzyish over at Hum Drum Plum is doing a blog a week for the rest of the year, but she is setting herself goals, and doing something new every week. This is interesting.

Nx over at bigmouthery is always blogging about interesting things, and he has proclaimed June as the month of Joy. You should get involved.

I was going to set myself a blogging challenge, but I wont. I will however try to update you on life in Perth in the next few days. Possibly cross off some of my 2011 things.

Blogger out.

E x

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  1. hey darling, my trick is that most of the time, I'm not really writing about my life. Not my day-to-day life. I write about stuff that interests me and I aim to entertain. Sometimes that does include stuff about my real life but mostly it doesn't. Thanks for the support, I think you should set yourself a blogging goal too though. You should, you should, you should! Why don't you blog about new outfits you are trying? Or about fun (perhaps anonymous) interactions you've had with students? Or something silly?

    And sometimes I think people know that it's boring but they try to find ways to make it interesting. It probably doesn't work most of the time but still, points for trying.

    Hope you're well xxxx