Saturday, July 9, 2011

My ideal comfort food is...


I vaguely remember being asked to teach a few people this at a mass learn to cook session in January. But Brisbane flooded. Well now you can learn!!

This is the simplest thing, but also the most nommy. You will need at least 45 minutes for cooking time, and you need to be standing over it the whole time.

You will need:
100g of rice (long grain or Jasmine is fine)
1 Litre of milk
3 tbs of brown sugar
Nutmeg to sprinkle

Step One:
Wash the rice, to remove any excess starch. Put in medium size saucepan, and just cover with water. Place on stove on a medium heat, and cook off the water. Keep stirring or it will stick.

Step Two:
Add 1 cup of milk to the pan, and bring down to low heat. You want the milk to simmer and not boil. Keep stirring, until the milk starts to look like boiling (a rolling simmer?).

As soon as the milk looks like the picture, add half a cup of milk. This will bring the boil back down, and it will slowly start to thicken. Continue to bring it to a rolling simmer, and adding half a cup of milk until the full litre is in.

Step Three:
Continue to simmer the mixture until the rice is cooked through. Taste test should do it. Make sure that the mixture is thickening. Do not leave the kitchen or it will boil over or burn, neither of which tastes nice.
Stir in the brown sugar when you decide the mixture is thick enough for you.

Step Four:
Pour into bowl, and sprinkle with nutmeg.

Step Five:
Allow to set, so it is not sloppy (refridgeration not required). This is a good time to do the washing up. This saucepan left out, will be 11 kinds of hell to clean. Clean it straight away!

Step Six:
Devour straight from the bowl. Rice pudding is better hot, in my opinion. But will keep for a few days in the fridge.

This is definitely the face you will make. 

PS: Apparently my kitchen outfit is always the same.

PPS: I made this before my hospital stay, I am yet to stomach dairy successfully, and so wish I could!

E x

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  1. Yay! I'm totally going to try making this ASAP
    Thanks Em!