Tuesday, January 25, 2011

... and that's 2010 into 2011

2010 was a really good year. It was hard, and it was definitely challenging, but it was also fun and rewarding too. The goals I set for myself for 2010 were simple, and almost mundane. They fit into the life I was creating for myself, and while I struggled to complete some of the goals, others I had no problem with at all. 

In 2010 I had hoped to:
pass university

Yes! First semester was a struggle after never having done full time university, but by second semester I seemed to hit my stride, and I managed to graduate with a two High Distinctions, and an overall Distinction average (stupid English bringing me down). I graduated the other day, and I am very very proud to tell you that I am now a qualified Drama and English teacher. How's that for a career making year? 

get a paid teaching job

I am still yet to find that elusive teaching job. Having said this I have had nothing but positive experiences during the application/interview process. I'm still hopeful. 

survive the first few months in Perth

While I did survive the first few months in Perth, I did hit a very deep funk in about May. It was a tough month, and I missed home more than anything. But I survived, and am typing this from my Perth home. 

have a happy living environment

Indeed... except when the unspoken "No I wont wash the dishes" monster reared it's head. 

support my Brisbane friends and their endeavours in any way I can

I don't know, you would have to ask them. I tried to be a supportive as I could be from so far away. 

get my first tattoo

Incorrect. I am still a chicken, and this is going on my 2011 list. 

buy a manual focus digital camera

It is not manual focus, but I definitely upgraded from the pocket sized bullet that was my last camera. 

hunt for that vintage dress

Admittedly I did buy a few vintage dresses, and a vintage onesie, but none were designer. I have come to the conclusion that I am of the body shape that will not fit anything designer vintage or otherwise. I'm cool with it. 


2011 has started off on uncertain footing, with my home city being drowned, and the emotional toll of being legitimately poor taking it's toll. I know the things that I want to achieve this year, and they are no more important than any other year, and no less achievable. I must admit that I never look back at any of the goals I have set. I set them in order to lay out what I would like my year to be. All are attainable, and all are things I would like to accomplish in my life, it just so happens that they fit within this year of my life. With this said, my 2011 goals are as follows. 

  • Get a teaching job. Relief or otherwise
  • Downsize my wardrobe and donate what I don't need
  • Don't be a chicken and get the tattoo
  • Pay back my parents
  • Bring back the spice to my relationship
  • Cook more creatively
  • Swear less
  • Strengthen my friendships in Perth so they are as everlasting as the memories will be
  • Sing in front of the "scary" WAAPA students
  • Be a proud girlfriend in the front row of every show
  • Relax into a sense of style
  • Maintain the red
I like that I am now a teacher, and I like that I live with my man friend and it is no different to how it was before. I like that I reorganised the living room all by myself, I like that I can start really relaxing into who I am and discover who I am going to be. I like that I am 25, and I like that I still have so much ahead of me. 

E x

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