Friday, June 25, 2010

... and that's what I've learnt.

I'm on Prac. That is fun for the time being, and a nice change to the theory I seem to drown in during the semester. Mostly I am excited to go home next week.

Things I have learnt this Prac:
1. I am terrified of year 9 English class.
2. Excursions with specialist students are fun.
3. Winter in Perth is ridiculous.
4. I explain things with my hands.
5. If I get treated like crap in year 9 English one more time I will snap.
6. ESL kids are lovely, "low literacy" kids are not as low literacy as they are branded.
7. I have a teacher yell that would make Genghis behave.
8. Cup-o-soup is a godsend.
9. Teachers don't eat or pee nearly enough for the average human.
10. Lavender on my pillow works wonders.
11. Lesson planning is for losers.
12. Staff room antics should be caught on camera.
13. My passion for teaching has been renewed.
14. I would like to do a Masters in Drama as a special education teaching tool.
15. Clean fingernails are important.
16. Hoodies are always an appropriate teacher outfit.

I'm having fun, but I am keen for the next chapter.

E x

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