Sunday, November 14, 2010

... and that's a little random

With two short weeks left until I finish my second degree, I have been reflecting on my year and what the future holds. For someone with a constant urge to study, a less than constant influx of income, and a never ending capacity to see new and exciting things in small mundane moments, it is a surprise even to myself that I am starring down the barrel of a yet another degree, and a possible career.

I am, unbeknown to myself at times, often at odds with the world around me. I am either too cold, when I should be hot. I can find interest in the strangest of things, and while I really enjoy studying, I am apparently starting to become too old to be seen as "that student who has studied for years to find what she loves" and more of the "bizarre girl who loves an assignment, is not quite an older age student, but is too old to fit in with another bunch of first years".

I am 25. And in this day and age that means a lot of things. It means I am no longer covered by my family medical insurance, I am no longer eligible for Centerlink unless I am on the dole, and I am at that age where Grandma's are allowed to ask the dreaded question "So when are you getting married?" The answer is not yet, if ever, and no I do not want to explain why I am in a happy relationship and marriage is not on the cards. That's exactly why I am in a happy relationship.

But I'm getting distracted.

Two shorts weeks are comfortably wedged between me and the end of my second degree. Which means that two short weeks are sitting between me and what is potentially my first real career (mind you the idea of a career is a whole other blog post waiting to happen). I am acutely aware of the fact that by my age, countless people have had one career and are on to their second. I am also very aware of the fact that while I have been studying to be a teacher, my younger sister has already gotten a psych degree and moved on to criminal studies and my Dad has silently given up on me ever having a 'real job'.

All these factors aside, I have learnt a lot on my final Prac, not all of which relate to teaching.

Things I have learnt on Prac:

  • You will never win over a class without a smile
  • Wearing badges that are obscure leads to students wanting to know more about you
  • Falsely accusing a quiet student of talking will make the whole class shut up
  • I desperately want to do a Diploma of Special Needs Teaching
  • Me and my mentor teacher are not twins, no matter how many students ask us if we are
  • Catholic schools are not as scary as I would have expected
  • Catholic school students are not as well behaved as I would have expected
  • Catholic school consequences are much scarier than I expected. 
  • Teaching English is not that scary
  • Teaching Musical theatre is very scary
  • I need to define what I mean by "teaching"
  • I am in desperate need of a group of friends that appreciate me
  • My housemates are brilliant at making me laugh, but sometimes I just need someone to listen
  • I've lived with my man friend for 10 months now, and it feels no different to before
  • I really appreciate Tim Tams and their magical healing goodness
  • Picnics on the floor of our bedroom with ginger beer and chicken and cheese sandwiches are the best way to make any day better
  • Yes I am a Nana, and I will choose to stay home, cook dinner and watch a movie no matter how enticing your party sounds
  • "The Game" is excellent
  • Students often have hearts of gold
  • A cartoon every week from a student about you and your mentor teacher is very appreciated
  • Etsy is a trap
  • Spending time in the art rooms playing with clay during your free periods is a much better use of time than lesson planning
  • Having a mentor teacher who may as well be you in 7 years is hell fun
  • I definitely want to be a teacher. At some point. 

I'm not really sure what the point of this post was, but I sure do feel better now. 

E x

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